Windsor Locks Honors Retiring Librarian with a Parade

Windsor Locks Honors Retiring Librarian with a Parade

Librarian Pearce sat on the balcony, not knowing what to expect.

Fellow workers surprised retiring Windsor Locks Librarian Eileen Pearce with a “social distancing” parade and small outdoor reception Friday afternoon, June 25. The masks everyone who participated wore did not hide the good feelings shared through the special event. 

As part of the festivities, the staff decorated the front balcony of the library to resemble the front bow of a ship that was dubbed the HMS Elliot Pearce – a combination of Eileen’s maiden name and married name. 

Eileen was seated on the deck at 4 PM, unknowingly waiting for a police-escorted parade of cars (that had lined-up across the town hall parking lot) to pull off of Main Street into the library driveway. Once the caravan arrived, Eileen stood and waved back to the well-wishers passing by. Some of the vehicles were decorated with balloons; some tooted celebratory honks. Many of the participants parked in the library lot and walked over to join Eileen, her staff, friends, and family, standing at safe social distances below the “ship’s bow” to share congratulations.

The balcony of the Windsor Locks Library was decorated to represent the bow of the HMS Elliot Pearce, in honor of retiring librarian Eileen Pearce.

Car passed by the balcony, passengers waving and honking horns.

Librarian Pearce stood to watch the parade, moved by the tribute.

By Laura Hayden

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