Whole Harmony Tea Cottage is a Welcome Addition in Broad Brook

Say hello to the Whole Harmony Tea Cottage.

The quaint new pop-up shop is located at 149 Rockville Road in the Broad Brook section on the Ellington and East Windsor town line. 

It will be open Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to “4 p.m.-ish.”

The proprietors say Whole Harmony has the “most amazing energy and vibe.”

There will be a Latte and Tea Bar — to-go only — in addition to health and wellness teas/tonics. 

It most certainly will be like a mini @wholeharmony.tonic. 

The coolest part of this new venture is the location, the owners say. It is part of a small village at the new @scandinaviangift shops. 

The owners took over a decades-old business run by their grandmother. She would source only Scandinavian holiday items and supply throughout New England. 

Now in her 80s she has given the reins over to her granddaughter Olivia and her husband, who have turned an old barn into a brand new holiday delight that is packed with all things Christmas — holiday decorations, dinnerware, specialty food, knitted items and books.  

Whole Harmony’s owners say they are honored to have been asked to be a part of that magic. They also said they appreciate the community at the @ellingtongrown farmers market that has been supporting it since the company started. 

“We’re going to turn the cottage into a place where you would go have tea with your grandmother — quaint, cozy, and warm,” they say.

“Come grab a gingerbread latte, stock up on elderberry, then head over to a Scandinavian Christmas holiday wonderland,” they suggested.

All COVID-19 protocols will be in place:
• Masks are mandatory
• Sanitize hands before shopping
• 6ft social distance.

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