Stafford’s Graduation

It was time for one last photo before they headed in to Stafford’s graduation ceremony. Posing were Stafford seniors, left to right, Tai Anthony Paul Nigro, Madelyn Roberge, Izabella, Pelczar, Madison Smith, Miranda Pechie and Tristan Reiss.

Stafford’s finest joined this group of seniors for a photo, with an appropriate important message visible above them. From left to right Courtney Groleau, Brandon Stanton, Jason Poirier, Jeff Wilson, Julie Milnes, Dylan Hunt and Chris Moore.

Friends Adrianna Allevo, Abby Formus, Olivia Pease, Julianna DeSantis-Raymond and Grace Gardner gathered for a photo.

Chalan Whelan will be attending Springfield College and Cody Gebo will be serving in the Air Force Reserve. 

Kali Corbett has enlisted in the Air Force and Brendan Crease will be working for the family business.

Stafford’s graduation certainly was a night to behold.

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