Stafford Garden Club Plans Ahead for an Extra-Colorful Spring

The Stafford Garden Club was busy at work in early November, in hopes of making an extra big splash come spring. The club purchased an assortment of 1500 daffodil bulbs from a Colorblends, a third generation wholesale flower merchant in Bridgeport favored by the likes of home-specialist Martha Stewart.

According to Donna Wright, president of the SGC, “Terry Armelin, the SGC’s founding president, has promoted bulb plantings since the club’s inception in 2014 and for this season forwarded the idea of mass plantings of bulbs to produce outstanding displays of color in early spring 2021.” The plantings were scattered throughout Stafford. “We thought we should make a splash in different places,” said Donna.

Six hundred bulbs were planted in front of 50 feet of the stone wall along Route 190 at Heritage Park, located east of downtown Stafford. Eight hundred were planted under the large sugar maple in the park at Stafford Hollow Square on Route 19. One hundred were planted on the south riverbank in the Spring Street River Garden in downtown Stafford.

The assortment is aptly called “Spring-loaded.”

Photos courtesy of the Stafford Garden Club

  • Photo 1  shows the area under the large maple tree at Cannon Park being planted by a dozen SGC members on Saturday morning, November 7.Club members present for the work session were Gulcan Akgul, Terry Armelin, Trudy Campbell, Lisa and Randy Cauthon, Paul Davies, Ialeen Dunn, Lisa and Scott Finch, Kim Kwasnik, Hugh Owen, Pat Rossi, Denise Szozda, Mary Quinn, and Donna Wright.
  • the strip measuring 4’ wide x 50’ long in front of the stone wall in which 800 bulbs were planted at Heritage Park,

By Laura B. Hayden

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