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First Selectman’s Corner

Closing the communication gap is the board’s goal.

SOMERS — This past year and recent events and issues have reemphasized the need to more effectively communicate with the public and to deliver timely, concise, accurate, and pertinent information that fosters trust and confidence. 

Failure to do so results in speculation, false assumptions, and confusion.

The Board of Selectmen formed a Long Term Recovery Committee and the results of a survey that we sent to our citizens indicated the need to address this communication gap on a more consistent, real-time, and fact-filled basis. The ultimate goal is keeping Somers residents informed, safe, and when necessary communicate critical and actionable information in real time.

In evaluating the way we currently communicate we felt an upgrade in our communication outreach was necessary and needed — especially in the fast-changing and evolving events associated with the COVID pandemic, severe weather conditions, missing persons, road closures, and other public safety issues.

The Board of Selectmen has partnered with Everbridge, a nationwide global software company with extensive experience with over 5,200 customers and municipalities, including multiple towns surrounding Somers, to assist in our local communications upgrade. 

The beauty of the Everbridge system is that there will be other opportunities outside the emergency alerts that will be available in the near future, thus expanding our communication efforts for all citizens.

Communicating information effectively and efficiently is key in today’s environment and we feel that the Everbridge system will greatly assist us in achieving this objective.

C.G. Bud Knorr

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