New Dog Park

The Planning and Zoning Commission is continuing the public hearing on a proposal for a new dog park near the Senior Center.

The commission voted at its Aug. 14 meeting to continue the hearing.

At issue is sufficient parking for the facility.

The application by Stafford Bark Park Inc. is for a new dog park to be built on land owned by Judith Modarsky. It is located on a southwest portion of 15 Buckley Highway, and the property would be transferred to the town and operated as a municipal dog park by Stafford Bark Park.

Bion Williamson of Stafford Bark Park said his organization’s volunteers would clear the area minimally, keeping it heavily wooded with a 100 by 200 foot fenced in area. The park would be split into sections for large and small dogs and have a two-stage gated entry, Williamson said at a previous meeting.

The park would supply biodegradable bags for dog waste and containers for their disposal. It would be open during daylight hours only and close when parking might be an issue.

Parking would be behind the Senior Center and on the side of the driveway to the new veterinary clinic.

At the Aug. 14 meeting, Williamson said he is still working on the parking issue and exploring his options. Those options may include other sites.

Cindy Rummel asked if Williamson was abandoning the proposal for the dog park on the Mordasky land. 

Williamson said he was not abandoning the proposal, but he is considering all his options, according to the meeting minutes.

The matter was set to be discussed at the commission’s Aug. 27 meeting, after the North Central News went to press.

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