Hospitality is Key at Luppoleto Brewing Co. in Windsor Locks

Hospitality is Key at Luppoleto Brewing Co. in Windsor Locks

James and Jen Wright, owners of the new Luppoleto Brewery in Windsor Locks

By Laura Hayden

Round tables for two, counter- high seating, a couch, love seats and communal seating at long tables are among the accommodations at the new Luppoleto Brewing Co., the first establishment of its kind to open in Windsor Locks.

The name of the new establishment comes from the Italian word for a hop farm or hopyard. The derivation pays homage to owner James Wright’s Italian and agricultural heritage. His planting background includes having cultivated 60 hop plants in a home garden nearly ten years ago. A few of those plants still thrive in James’ fathers’ garden in East Windsor.

The hop garden set into motion a series of events that has led to James and his wife Jen owning the brewery today. Another significant step came when James won a Sierra Nevada Beer Camp contest based on a video he created about why he should be selected to attend the camp’s extended immersion into the independent brewing world. According to Jen, it was through this experience that James became as passionate about the concept of hospitality in the beer service industry as he was about hop farming and the manufacturing of products.

Thus, the Luppoleto Brewing Co. strives to “serve a variety of hops with an extra helping of hospitality,” says Jen. That variety currently includes a golden Belgian-style ale fermented with cherries, a smooth coffee-infused milk stout, a fruity IPA, and malty German-style Altbier, with more varieties fermenting as these deplete.

And if any of that goes beyond your “beer-cabulary,”  the Luppoleto Brewing Co. plans to hold a “beer education session” sometime in the near future. In addition, Jen talks about starting a community hop yard further down the road, where members could share hop rhizomes – the small roots that are cut from the main root of a mature female hop plant – and be able to use a variety of hops for home brewing.

Customers can gather at tables for two, high tables for four, cozy sofas and love seats or long tables at the Luppoleto Brewing Co.

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