Hazardville Wellness Tries to Grow Business in the Face of Temporarily Closing

The temporary closing of Hazardville Wellness during the COV-19 business slowdown doesn’t mean owner Nathan Fay is closing his mind to ways of enhancing the business.

Mid-March, Nathan Fay, owner of Hazardville Wellness in Enfield, spent most of his day lessening the pain of his clients. A few days later he suspended his myoskeletal alignment practice to prevent any inadvertent spread of COV-19, and found himself in a position to home school his son Michael, a fourth-grader.

Yet, the most important lesson Nate’s son may be learning is not contained in his home-school packet, but in his father’s example of entrepreneurship in the face of a pandemic. Instead of putting the brakes on his business during this uncertain time, Fay is finding ways to promote his practice with clients and other professionals in his field.

“To keep the momentum going I’m asking my clients to post a kind review of my work on my Facebook page or Google page,” said Fay. In addition, Fay posts new video content – one self-care tip day — for followers who have “liked” the Hazardville Wellness page. In the first tip, young Michael demonstrates the floor angel exercise which, Fay explains, is a posture, breathing, and flexibility enhancer. Michael looks only too happy to assist in his father’s professional outreach.

Finally, Fay is also inviting other manual therapists to connect with him online to learn new techniques and assessments he has taught throughout New England in Erik Dalton Myoskeletal Workshops, asking $2 for each video.

Fay hopes to be able to reschedule his clients soon.

By Laura Hayden

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