Don’t Let Guard Down Against COVID-19 Cabin Fever

“We’ve had over four months of dealing with the COVID 19 pandemic and I suspect that all of us are getting weary and suffering “cabin fever” as we follow the multiple dictates of Governor Lamont’s numerous Executive Orders. We’ve successfully survived the Phase I and Phase II rules for re-opening society and we’re anticipating Phase III guidelines to be issued shortly which promises more leeway and freedom. 

Despite the frustration we all feel with our normal daily routines being curtailed and altered the measures we have taken as a State and in Somers have successfully mitigated the spread of this disease. I would like to thank and acknowledge all of our citizens for adhering and following these necessary guidelines that have resulted in Connecticut having one of the lowest rates of transmission, hospitalization and positive cases in the country. In addition our emergency management team is to be complimented for their organizational, proactive and timely response that has been instrumental in keeping us all safe. 

We’ve learned a lot these past months about what we did right and what we have to do in the future to better prepare us for the next inevitable crisis. With this in mind the Board of Selectmen has established a Short and Long Term Recovery Committee to create a plan which meets the needs of the community, accelerates recovery and expedites and improves the coordination between our Emergency Management team and various state agencies. 

I encourage all Somers residents to fill out this important COVID 19 response Survey available in the Somers Connects magazine or on-line @

Keep the faith and don’t forget to social distance/wash your hands…. This is making a difference! 

C.G. Bud Knorr, Jr.
First Selectman
Town of Somers

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