Blight Review Committee

The town Blight Review Committee now has the ability to reduce or waive fines for homeowners whose properties have become blighted due to hardships.

The Town Council voted unanimously at its Aug. 5 meeting to allow the Blight Review Committee to waive or reduce fines up to $10,000.

Town Manager Christopher Bromson said the change in the blight ordinance would be a safety valve for those who become caught up in the blight process and have liens placed on their property, according to the meeting minutes. He said the idea is to have a safety valve for those whose property became blighted due to medical, elderly or other hardship issues.

Bromson said this gives property owners a one year grace period to bring the property into compliance and be able to plead their case.

Assistant Town Attorney Mark Cerrato said fines are $75 per day.

Under the change adopted by the Town Council, if the fines are more than $10,000, any appeals would need to be made to the council. 

If an appeal is made to the committee for fines under $10,000 and the property owner disagrees, they would not be able to appeal that decision.

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