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NCN print ads are the best value around to reach your target customers!

The North Central News is the region's largest direct-mail monthly with a combined print & online monthly readership over 100,000! This include  mailings to all mail boxes in East Windsor, Ellington, Somers, and Stafford, with thousands more mailed to Enfield, Suffield, and more. Free pick up at more than 100 high traffic locales throughout North Central CT including: supermarkets, town halls, libraries, and senior centers. AND more than 30,000 unique visits a month to the full online edition. Smart businesses advertise here!

Black & White
1/16 Page
4.69" width x 1.3" height
1/8 Page
4.69" width x 2.6" height
3/16 Page
4.69" width x 3.9" height
1/4 Page
4.69" width x 5.3" height
1/2 Page
9.5" width x 5.3" height
Full Page
9.5" width x 11" height

HERO SLIDE ROTATOR  - with website link $350 per month.
980x250 @ 72dpi

BANNER AD  - with website link $150 per month.
200x250 @ 72dpi

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