A Shot in the Arm For All of Us

Dr. Adam Debin, an anesthesiologist at Johnson Memorial Hospital, receives one of the first COVID-19 vaccinations from a colleague on Dec. 15.

Trinity Health launches vaccination program for colleagues in hopeful sign for 2021 HARTFORD — Trinity Health Of New England hospitals in Connecticut and Massachusetts have launched a detailed and comprehensive COVID-19 vaccination program for colleagues. 

Distribution of the vaccine to designated colleagues began Dec. 15 at Saint Francis Hospital in Hartford, Johnson Memorial Hospital in Staffod and Saint Mary’s Hospital in Waterbury.  

The first COVID-19 vaccine shipment arrived to Trinity Health Of New England at the Saint Francis Hospital location on a Tuesday morning and by the end of the day more than 80 frontline colleagues had received vaccinations.  

With limited vaccine supplies, Trinity Health Of New England is following CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices and state guidelines on phased distribution. 

Trinity Health is also following CDC recommendations for vaccine prioritization, including ensuring health care workers who provide direct care to suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patients and wish to be immunized, and residents of senior care facilities, receive the COVID-19 vaccine first. From there, Trinity Health is determining the most efficient ways to distribute the vaccine to other colleagues and community members based on CDC ACIP prioritization and vaccine supply made available to us.

“With distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine, we are turning a corner in this global health crisis,” said Reginald Eadie, president and chief executive officer of Trinity Health Of New England. “I have full confidence in the safety and efficacy of the vaccine and it’s vital that colleagues who provide face-to-face or supportive care for patients and residents with COVID-19 have the opportunity to receive it first.” 

Eadie’s commitment to the vaccine and its phased distribution process will be demonstrated soon. 

“I look forward to getting vaccinated according to the prioritization set by the CDC ACIP, and I’m encouraging my family and everyone I know to get the vaccine as soon as supplies are available for them, too.”

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