Town Considers Joining Regional Animal Shelter In South Windsor

The town is considering a plan to sign a contract with the Tyler Regional Animal Control Shelter in South Windsor.

At the Sept. 5 Board of Selectmen’s meeting, First Selectman Robert Maynard said the town would save money by joining with Manchester, East Hartford, and South Windsor in using the facility to house animals.

Annual cost to operate TRACS is $53,000, according to the minutes of the meeting. Each town’s cost is determined by the number of days animals associated with each town are housed in the facility annually.

In 2018, Manchester sheltered had 1,912 animal care days, East Hartford 1,430 and South Windsor 766. Manchester’s share was 46% of the cost, East Hartford’s 35% and South Windsor’s 19%. Based on East Windsor housing dogs for 148 days in 2018, the town would pay 3.6% of the $53,000 cost or $1,700. Currently, that costs the town $2,600.

Maynard said while there has been a rumor that Manchester plans to leave the facility, he has heard that is not the case. 

He said if Manchester were to leave TRACS, East Windsor’s share would go up to 6.3% or $3,371 a year, costing the town $1,200 more a year than it is currently paying.

However, Maynard said to get East Windsor’s animal care facility up to a minimum standard would cost $61,000. At $1,200 a year, he said, that would take the town 50 years to break even.

He noted while there has been some concern about police officers going out of town to bring dogs to TRACS in South Windsor, the facility is just a minute and a half over the town line, and it takes just nine minutes to drive from the East Windsor shelter to TRACS.

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