First Selectmen’s Corner

by Robert Hayden

Election will decide charter matters and office-holders.

On Tuesday, Nov. 5, the Town of East Windsor will hold municipal elections. This election will be special because in addition to candidates for municipal office, the East Windsor ballot will also include 12 questions regarding proposed changes to the East Windsor Town Charter.

These questions cover important issues ranging from creating a town administrator position to separating the town government and school budgets. The ballot questions, proposed charter changes, and related information are currently available in the East Windsor town clerk’s office and on the town’s website (  

Each proposed charter question is separate and independent, therefore only the approved changes will be implemented.

In other town news, East Windsor is continuing to see private interest and development. These include Water Mill Landing which, after a restart, is now progressing nicely, as well as the construction of a state-of-the-art cathedral and campus by The Cross Roads Cathedral on Route 5 and an office building and a separate training facility on Craftsman Road by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Paving is also occurring on Scantic Road between the Scantic Church and Route 5.

Of interest to concerned residents, the State Department of Transportation is no longer considering a proposed rotary on Route 140 as part of the transit-oriented development scheduled in Windsor Locks.

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