Letter To The Editor: Petitioning Candidate Makes Her Case

I am Ann Logan, running for first selectman as a “petitioning candidate” in the Nov. 5 municipal election.  

I have been fortunate to have residents of Somers express their confidence in my abilities by re-electing me as town clerk for five  terms since 2001.  I am now asking you to show me that same confidence by electing me your first selectman.  

I have worked for the towns for 36 years and have deep-seated roots as a resident in Somers for 40 years.  Throughout my 36 years with the town, I have worked in every department except the tax office.  I am not an expert in each area, but I have the knowledge and experience to have a working insight into the total operations of town government.  I personally have assisted, provided, researched, issued a dog license, or just listened to the majority of Somers residents throughout my years with the town.  

From the town clerk’s office came the two most respected and knowledgeable first selectmen; Steve Kominski and Robert Percoski. I was privileged to have worked with both of them. Their influence has afforded me the respect of attorneys, searchers, and anyone coming into the town clerk’s office.  

My philosophy in both my personal and professional life has always been to tell the truth, be transparent, and provide information accurately in a timely manner as requested by residents.  No question goes unanswered; I do not avoid, delay, or ignore Somers residents.  If it is within my ability to help, I will.

I am not only your town clerk, I am the town shelter manager.  I wrote the manuals for both the sheltering of residents and pets; a member of the Citizen Emergency Response Team, contributing member of the Emergency Management Team, trained at the Homeland Security facility in Alabama in Emergency Management and Preparedness; trained as a Freedom of Information Liaison, and a Four Town Fair Director.  

I computerized land records, maps, vital records, and maintain accurate, precise records of boards/commissions, history documents, etc.  

I raised my family in Somers, and my children, Eric and Erin, graduated from Somers schools.  During the time my children were in high school, I coached both the girls’ and boys’ lacrosse teams.  I was also the Chairperson of the Somers Lacrosse Association and organized the Paul Bowers Lacrosse Tournament for several years.

The time has come for the residents of Somers, not the political parties, to decide who will be the First Selectman.  The voices of Somers residents need to be heard, not a political organization.  Political affiliation is not the determining factor of a qualified candidate – it should be the person, their convictions, their honesty, and knowledge of Somers.

After much consideration, I am respectfully asking the residents of Somers to express their confidence in my honesty and abilities by electing me, Ann Logan, Petitioning Candidate, as your First Selectman on November 05, 2019.

Ann Logan

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