Suffield School Fees

Suffield High School students will not have to pay to play sports or park at the school.

The Board of Education voted unanimously Aug. 19 to eliminate those fees for the 2019-20 school year.

Superintendent of Schools Timothy Van Tasel said due to unanticipated savings in the school budget, the change was possible, according to the meeting minutes. 

He said the board is saving $40,000 due to staff turnover and $98,000 by not filling a reading interventionist position. Van Tasel said several teachers resigned this summer and some positions were filled at lower salaries.

The estimated revenue from the fees was $60,000, he said. 

The fees would have been $100 a year for parking and $75 for each sport played, according to published reports.

Resident Jeff Davis said he was against the fees. He said there is no cost to the school for students to park there and that the parking fee was put in place to reduce the sports fee. He said the parking fee is aimed at a small number of students and is therefore discriminatory. Also, he said, there is no reduced fee for students who only park occasionally.

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