Enfield Town Charter

Residents will vote on changes to the Enfield town charter in a Nov. 5 referendum.

The Board of Selectmen voted Aug. 15 to send 12 changes to the town charter to referendum.

Under the proposed changes, the town budget referendum would be divided into two questions, one for the town proposed budget and one for the Board of Education budget. 

Another key change would be the establishment of a professional administrative officer position. That person would handle day-to-day operations of town departments.

The changes include adding the power of overrule stating that a referendum receive 55 percent of the votes could override a Town Meeting vote or certain actions of the Board of Finance and the Board of Selectmen.

Other changes include:

  1. Including Connecticut General Statute numbers when such statutes are referenced.
  2. Changing the title of the town treasure to finance director.
  3. Establishing procedures requiring sealed bids to be submitted to the town clerk and opened publicly.
  4. Requiring a narrative to support the need and cost of supplementary appropriations.
  5. Requiring audits of the three largest town departments every four years.
  6. Making the appointment of the town counsel by the Board of Selectmen subject to the first selectman’s recommendation.
  7. Increasing the minimum number of days to 14 to collect signatures to adjourn a special town meeting to referendum.
  8. Requiring a referendum for Town Meeting actions involving expenditures greater than $200,000.
  9. The Police Department would become a town department.
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