Town Forms Environmental Task Force

The town has a new environmental task force working for the environment. The Board of Selectmen voted unanimously at its July 17 meeting to form the Environmental and Sustainability Task Force.

First Selectman Melissa Mack said over the past few years, individuals interested in the environment and sustainability projects have approached her, according to the meeting minutes. She said they have proposed initiatives to promote composting, recycling and better utilizing of the town landfill.

The task force’s mission is to explore these initiatives and create programs for the betterment of the town. No town funds or resources will be used as part of these initiatives, Mack said.

Mack said one of her main objectives in forming the task force is to encourage more recycling and composting. If successful, greater composting and recycling would lessen the town’s $1 million in annual trash hauling and burning expenses, she said. Grants and outside agency programs may be available to aid these efforts.

A task force rather than a committee was chosen, the first selectman said, so that all interested parties would be able to participate.The first meeting of the task force was scheduled for July 29.

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