Hillsdale College Proposal

First Selectman Bud Knorr said in a written statement that he is remaining neutral on the proposal to build a satellite branch of Hillsdale College in town.

S. Prestley & Helen Blake’s Hillsdale College Proposal would like to create a satellite branch on the Monticello site.

Knorr said he, the Zoning Commission and the zoning enforcement officer are working on the resolution of several matters, including neighbors’ concerns, the zoning change required and the impact of losing approximately $100,000 in tax revenue.

“As First Selectman, I represent all of the citizens of Somers and neither I nor the key personnel of Town government have taken any action to promote this initiative,” Knorr said.

He added, “All Town employees are free to share any opinions in any matter but they are to refrain from claiming those opinions ‘as an employee of the town’ as it gives a de facto public endorsement of a private endeavor.”

He continued, “This whole controversy is not about politics and ideology — right or left but strictly, a Zoning issue and the Commission will rule accordingly after if and when there is an actual application before them and after weighting all legitimate concerns.”

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