Enfield Grand List increases by slightly less than 1 percent

ENFIELD — The Enfield grand list is up just under 1 percent.
The 2018 net grand list came in at $2.93 billion, an increase of $28,199,802 or 0.971 percent, according to Assessor Della Froment.
Froment said real estate is up $13,892,440. She said this is up due to factors including the development of Mayfield Place, an apartment complex on North Maple Street; the completion of a medical office building at 160 Hazard Ave., and additions and improvement to commercial and industrial buildings.
The net assessments for business personal property are up $8,444,927, reflecting a reduction in manufacturing exemptions and new businesses, including Preferred DIsplay Inc. on Moody Road and Conval on Phoenix Avenue.
Those were offset by decreases with Advance Auto and Massachusetts Mutual. Motor vehicle assessments are up $5,862,335.
The state Department of Motor Vehicles reported there are 38,006 vehicles in Enfield. The town’s top 10 taxpayers are:
Mass Mutual Life Insurance Co., with a total assessment of $45,850,020.
Connecticut Light and Power (Eversource), $39,464,970.
JOMCC 2006-LDP7 Centro Enfield, $29,990,130.
Eppendorf, $29,282,980.
PPF WE 25 Bacon Road LLC, $28,318,050.
Mayfield Place LLC, $28,725,300.
Paramount Commons at Enfield LLC, $22,770,520.
Freshwater MZL LLC, $22,062,960.
Equity One (Northeast Portfolio) Inc., $18,084,000.
Northland Bigelow Commons LLC, $16,535,100.
Together, they represent total assessments of $281,084,030 or 9.08 percent of the 2018 net grand list, prior to the Board of Assessment Appeals, Froment said.

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