Selectmen Levy Their Opinion On Tolls

SUFFIELD   — The Board of Selectmen is against tolls on the state’s highways. The board passed a  “Resolution in Opposition to the Implementation of Tolls on Connecticut Highways” at its March 6 meeting.

“Towns like Suffield which border other states will be particularly impacted as drivers choose alternate secondary roads in order to avoid state line tolls,” First Selectwoman Melissa Mack said in a written statement.

“I’m concerned about what the increased congestion and traffic will do to Suffield’s character. It was important for the Board of Selectmen, on behalf of Suffield’s residents, make these concerns clear by approving the resolution,” Mack said.

The vote on the resolution was 4-1 with Selectman Mel Chafetz opposed. Mack said at the meeting that she supported the resolution to preserve the town’s character. “My concern obviously is the concern I have overall for our town, is truck traffic. We already have too many state roads that have congestion and traffic and speeding and this would necessarily increase that. I think that to preserve Suffield and its character and its New England charm we need to oppose this, at least the way we have seen it presented,” she said.

Chafetz said he views the potential traffic differently. “It seems like if you have more traffic, and I am not suggesting you won’t have more traffic because you will have more traffic, but wouldn’t that give local businesses possibly more business?” he said.

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